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Our patented products Eliminate All forms of the Coronavirus in under a minute!
Providing you truly effective health protection and the best IAQ Indoor Air Quality Solution available today!


Migizi Purification Systems is a First Nation Initiative and Business.

We are the Exclusive First Nations Provider in Canada.

Providing truly effective health protection and the best

IAQ Indoor Air Quality Solution available today!

We are passionate about delivering affordable and reliable Triple Threat Health Protection for First Nations Communities

We provide products and equipment to aid in your communities Health Protection to meet today's and tomorrow's needs

We can train and certify your community team fast and effectively for Preventative and Remedial applications, all protocols ensuring best practices and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Contact us today for information on

how we can service your community.

First Nations Communities are facing a National Crisis due to:

The impact of mold growth in homes located on First Nations reserves in Canada is part of a national housing crisis that has not been adequately studied.

Nearly half of the homes on reserves contain mold at levels of contamination associated with high rates of respiratory and other illnesses to residents. Mold thrives due to increased moisture levels in building envelopes and interior spaces. Increased Mould is making people sick on Canada’s reserves, according to the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), which says it’s a problem that needs immediate attention.

“I’ve encountered that not only in our region but all across all regions of this country,” said AFN Manitoba Regional Chief Kevin Hart, who has the housing portfolio for the national advocacy organization.

“There’s been a lot of mould-related issues in all First Nations.”


'National disgrace': Mould leaves children with respiratory issues in remote
First Nation


Lets work together  to develop a Health Protection Program that is right for you and your community.


Robert Peltier, Owner

Lambton Shores, Ontario


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