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Patented products Eliminate All forms of the Coronavirus in under a minute!


Q. Is a PURIFYD®SYSTEMS TREATMENT safe for my family and pets?

A.   Yes. Registered with the US EPA and Health Canada, PURIFYD®SYSTEMS is safe for people, pets, food preparation areas, all surfaces and fabrics and is hypo allergenic.

Q. how effective is a PURIFYD®SYSTEMS treatment?

A.   Following best-practice protocols, certified technicians apply PURIFYD®SYSTEMS formula to eliminate pathogens leaving behind a peroxi-carbonate barrier that continues to protect you and your family.  Treatments are monitored to ensure 99.99999% effectiveness.  Click here for our Accreditation

Q. what is in the PURIFYD®SYSTEMS formula?

A.   The intelligent chemistry in PURIFYD®SYSTEMS is a 2-part formula consisting mostly of Hydrogen Peroxide and a Quaternary Ammonium compound plus some proprietary ingredients. Once blended, it becomes a hunter-killer of bacteria, viruses, molds, mold spores and allergens.

Q. How long does a PURIFYD®SYSTEMS TREATMENT last and how often should I get a treatment?

A.   Recommended semi-annual or quarterly treatments are most effective. Ask your PURIFYD®SYSTEMS Certified Service Provider at Migizi Purification Systems about a treatment schedule.

Q. How long does a PURIFYD®SYSTEMS treatment take?

A.  Our PURIFYD®SYSTEMS Certified Service Providers at Migizi Purification Systems will have your vehicle done in under an hour.  For homes and workspaces, treatment is generally done in less than half a day.

Q. Is a PURIFYD®SYSTEMS treatment scented?

A.  No. Your vehicle, home or RV will just smell fresh and clean after a PURIFYD®SYSTEMS treatment. And the treatment is hypoallergenic, so no need to worry if you are sensitive to cleaning products.

Q. What sets MIGIZI PURIFICATION apart from disinfectant companies?

A.  We fog through your air intake the source of circulating air, as well as all areas  killing mold, pathogens, harmful bacteria and viruses.

Purifyd®Systems products leave behind a protective barrier that deters bacterial and mold growth, so it does not have to be done weekly or even monthly


Lets work together  to develop a Health Protection Program that is right for you.


Robert Peltier, Owner

Lambton Shores, Ontario


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