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Patented products Eliminate All forms of the Coronavirus in under a minute!


The intelligent chemistry in products selected and distributed by PURIFYD®SYSTEMS  are exceptionally effective. Professionally applied by a trained and certified Certified Service Providers, they will eliminate, with up to 99.99999% effectiveness*, contaminants of any size, anywhere, and it is completely scalable - from spot decontamination to pandemic procedure.

As powerful as they are, they are also completely safe. Less corrosive and environmentally safer than household bleach!

Effectiveness means achieving Breadth and Depth of Decontamination

PURIFYD®SYSTEMS’s products eliminate a very wide range of contaminants on surfaces, in air handling systems and in the air, typically in under a few minutes. Simplifying your ability to provide a healthy living and working environment for your customers and staff.





The PURIFYD®SYSTEMS products are safe for use in:


  • Food Premises 


  • Hospitals and Health Care Facilities


  • Institutional, Commercial and Industrial Facilities


  • Barn (Animal) Facilities


  • Commercial and personal vehicles

Recently, it has been specifically recognized as approved for use in the fight against COVID-19.

*Log Kill data varies by organism, test data available on request



The importance of a log-7 kill rate is emphasized by this graph. Most disinfectants and sanitizers achieve a log-3 kill rate (99.9% effective). While that sounds impressive, in the microbial world it is not sufficient. As the graph shows, with a log-3 product the  microbials remaining after treatment can re-contaminate the living environment within hours or days.

PURIFYD®SYSTEMS’s products kill up to 99.99999% of contaminants - also known as a log 7 kill rate.  This means that in a starting culture of 1 billion microbials (not unusual with bacteria or molds), less than 100 particles will be left after a treatment with PURIFYD®SYSTEMS’s products.

By comparison, a product that is 99.9% effective will leave up to 1 million particles

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